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Is your car ready for the summer?

In the summer season, each car is exposed to specific loads. How to prepare and do all that needs to be done to reduce the life of the car unnecessarily?

In the summer months, cars are tested with high load temperatures, suffer not only their exterior but also the interior. We advise you how to avoid unnecessary complications or degradation of your vehicle.

Tire change

Winter tires need to be changed in the summer - but not all. Also check the condition of your summer tires, whether they are fully operational and there is no danger.

Brake system

The brakes are exposed to extreme loads during the winter season. After each winter, you should think about their thorough control. In the service, they will look at the entire system, where they will especially illuminate the brake fluid, wheels or other components.

Cooling system

In summer, this system is waiting for a major check. Think about it in a timely manner and have it checked carefully.

Spring cleaning

Even your car deserves a general cleaning after a long winter and after all the soiled and sprinkled trips. Absolute cleaning of the vehicle from outside and outside will also increase your travel convenience.

How to minimize the negative effects of solar radiation?

Add special sunshades to reflect the sun's rays to reduce the temperature the car's interior exposes. When parking, look for the shadow and body to wax the cure, which protects against premature fading of the paint on the car. In the interiors, especially treat the plastic and leather components with special care. They protect them from unwanted damage or degradation.

Vehicle geometry

After winter months, even those parts of the car that have been extremely stressed during adverse weather conditions deserve a thorough check. Make your so-called vehicle geometry. In better-equipped service, you will do it during a tire replacement.


These helpers should not be underestimated. Their proper functionality will provide a good view of the road, which is one of the most important factors affecting the safety and smoothness of driving. Make sure you always have enough fluids in the washers and think about the recommended replacement of the wiper blades, which should be every 6 months.

Air condition

Functional air conditioning will help everyone during the summer heat to stay at a comfortable temperature and without excessive sweating. Ideally, air conditioning in the car should be cleaned every 6 months. So try to check the condition of your air conditioner at least every winter. Also preventive disinfection is recommended.

TYPE OF CONCLUSION: Do you have a properly inflated tire? You can easily check it on almost every gas pump. Tire pressures have a major impact on safety and fuel consumption. The correct status is stated in the car manuals that you should have in the vehicle. In some cases they are also mentioned on the sticker on the car door. Tires check regularly (including reserve), especially if you are going for a long journey.

All these features will contribute to the ultimate savings in the cost of running your car and, last but not least, to the safety of you, your crew and other road users.

Give your car quality winter care, we will take care of long-term parking.

Team M2 Parking