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How to prepare for a flight in advance?

Air transport allows us to get anywhere in the world, literally in a few hours. However, it has its own specifics. If you are well prepared before your departure, you can still enjoy the rest.

One of the first specific opportunities for traveling by air is the time to prepare for it. If you are going to the airport - it is recommended to arrive at about 2 hours before departure. Always consider the distance from the airport to distinguish the type of transportation that you can reach the airport. Good advice over gold: Always expect more time if the road to the airport becomes an unpredictable or otherwise undesirable situation. Be sure to miss and not only get to your destination, but nobody will offer you a spare flight for free and will not return the money for your purchased ticket. In this case, the longer the time reserve, the greater the comfort and thus the pleasant way.

Access to the airport

The first thing you had to do after arriving at the airport is the so- check-in. So it's registered among the passengers on that flight. Today, many airlines also offer this service online, where you can check-in online from home comfort. You do not have to go out in long lines at the airport. You will usually be given a code, an elec tronic ticket, or a QR code, which will be shown when checking the entrance to the departure hall. If you have a luggage that you can not remove as a manual, you have to transfer it to the so- the drip point or the login window. Its number can be found in the airfield entrance hall on the monitor according to your flight number, destination, time, and airline through which you have purchased your ticket.

Orientation at the airport

The airports are different, one is small and the other so complex that you can be silent throughout the day. Skip immediately after arriving at the airport to find information on the spreadsheets or the name of the terminal where you will depart. Some terminals at airports are also several miles away. However, the airport provides its own transport, where you can get to the right terminal without any problems. Generally, this information is known after the ticket has been purchased, but changes can occur. That's why it's always good to check this information right after arriving at the airport.

Waiting for departure

After the entrance excursions that every passenger has to go through, he will not miss anything other than waiting for the so- boarding and departing. Always follow the departure hall number and the so- time of onset. It happens that it can change quickly and if you do not orient yourself in time, the plane can fly without you, regardless of whether you have passed the check and safety. On the monitors in the hall, you will always see when it starts and gets on the last check and entry into the aircraft.

On the plane

You can sit comfortably, sit back, watch out for safety instruction, and just enjoy the flight. A book, a magazine, or a portable computer, or tablets, can be learned especially during longer years. The staff can inform you about the use of electronics on board. However, when departing and landing, all your electronic devices must be switched off.

Are you flying only with hand luggage?

Over the last few years, security measures at airports worldwide have dramatically intensified. One of such measures is also the contents of hand luggage. It's good to know what that does not belong to, because airport staff can remove such items while checking out and you will never see your favorite perfume or bottle of wine for your friends. The maximum baggage size is 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm, including wheels, sleeves and outer pockets on your luggage. However, some airlines may allow smaller dimensions, so it is more than appropriate to verify these parameters beforehand.

You can take a computer or other electronics (music player, pill, or hair dryer) with you, but these items will be removed from your bag during a security check and self-verified.

Liquids in hand luggage

There are really strict rules here. You need to realize what all the fluid is:

  • beverages, soups or syrups
  • cosmetics and drugs (creams, gels, toothpastes, oils, perfumes, pink or eyeliner)
  • sprays, including shaving foams, hairspray and deodorants
  • solution for contact lenses
  • any other solution

Fluids can be taken on board in limited quantities:

  • Packages must not be more than 100 ml
  • the articles must be enclosed in a transparent, closed plastic bag with a maximum volume of 1 liter and a maximum size of 20 cm x 20 cm
  • The contents of the pocket must be stacked so that the pocket can close
  • the pocket must not be hammered or locked
  • Each passenger can only have 1 piece of this bag
  • Vessels larger than 100 ml (excluding essential medicines) will not be able to pass through a security check even if they are not completely complete.

Liquids purchased at the airport

The liquids you buy after completing a safety check can be taken on board as they pass through a separate check. There is, for example, bottled water, wine, alcohol, perfume or cosmetics of any size.

Lighters are a separate category

One lighter per person is allowed during the flight. These articles are considered to be liquids and should be stored inside a plastic bag or self-controlled. You must keep the lighter together for the whole flight, and it is very important that you do not put the lighter in your cabin baggage or return to the cabin bag after checking.

Interest: An adult, carrying baby food or milk, may be asked to sample it during a security check.

Tip: The so-called The flight delays index can be found on the Flight Statistics page.

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