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How to prepare a car for the winter

In the months to come, the car gets more than ever. The bad winter, however, does not mean red for your car, especially if you adhere to the rules recommended for this season.

Driving into winter tires

Use of winter tires is obligatory in Slovakia if there is a continuous snow cover, ice or frost on the road. Due to our local weather conditions, it is very important to timely estimate the right moment when changing summer tires for winter. A universal rule that is often used to say: if the temperature does not exceed 7 degrees Celsius over the day, the right time to change the tires to winter. If you're changing to new, yet unreachable winter tires, it's good to do so sooner, so that you can reach them for at least 300 km on the hill. During the winter, do not forget to check the tires regularly, observe any damage and, of course, regularly check the tire pressure itself. The correct tire pressure levels can be found in the manual, which is mostly in the car.


Winter low temperatures know how to handle the battery. As it is a very heavy part of the car, it is advisable to visit a service before winter, where they should clean the contacts or remove the oxidized layer from the battery. It is also appropriate to check the charging functionality and, of course, to recharge the battery itself.

Spray system and wiper blades

Each driver certainly knows that in winter this system is the most used and needed. Do not, therefore, be surprised or annoyed by your ride, and have the service checked for the functionality of the wipers and the entire wash system. The amount of winter and antifreeze fluid in the car washes should be a matter of course, and if you have it in stock, you will not be damaging.

Bodywork and chassis

Snow, frost, water, salt or spreading stones. It's all waiting for your car body. Damage to the paint is dangerous especially due to the possibility of corrosion. There is also quite good prevention - wax. Driving your car will ensure that the paintwork has a sufficient protective layer to prevent damage and thus extends its service life and functionality. The body that is protected in this way is rewarded by the state of the art, especially the owners of those cars that are parked all winter outdoors. Even self-adhesive foils are available on the market, which can protect the car from stones on the road. You should also send the chassis of your car to check, especially check the state of the vehicle geometry and the brakes.

Vehicle driver's equipment for the winter

To be prepared for a number of unexpected weather conditions, it is a good idea to get a few vehicles in advance to make it easier for you to leave your car early in the morning, or to go on snowy and frozen roads. In winter, your car should not miss a bumper to discard any snow deposition and a scraper to remove the frost on the windows and mirrors. If you're going to the mountains, you can also take the snow chains, the blade and possibly the starter cables as well. If you park your car in the winter months outdoors, an interesting tool may be the so-called car tarpaulin, whose job is to reduce the impact of moisture and salt on your car.

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