• Parking near to Bratislava airport

Do you know the most common parking errors?

Little did he get into a situation when he did not want to get out of the car, drop the keys and leave everything like that.

In order to avoid having to stress the wheel, we have prepared a brief overview of tips and tips to park as professionals.

A lot of free parking places

Have you come to the parking lot that drifts with emptiness? Do you have the temptation to park over two places faster and without any effort? We have to remind you that here we have the old known two times, and once again. The fact that there are enough free parking spaces in the parking lot right now does not mean that this situation does not change even in the hour. Do not risk unnecessarily and be mindful in the first place, avoiding any financial sacking or pulling out of your vehicle and not causing an unpleasant situation for others who will need parking. We all know it.

Park your car in slow motion

Particularly when parking it is necessary to choose slower speed and caution. There is nothing more uncomfortable than unnecessary scratches on the paint of your or your co-driver. If you're about to park, put away what's not in your hand - a cell phone, a drink, or other items that make you time behind the wheel and focus your attention fully on parking. Also choose a suitable parking space, which will not be limited to any visitor or other visitors to the parking lot. Especially in larger cities like Bratislava, drivers have the habit of using every millimeter. However, you do not always have to pay for it. Parking should not take you more than 1-2 minutes under normal conditions, and it can be resisted, is not it?

Directions can be guided

As in normal traffic on the road, as well as in parking, we should not forget about small helmets. Do not underestimate this light, even if it does not serve directly for your better orientation. Directions tell other drivers in the parking lot to signal your planned direction or action. If you stop in a narrow aisle or park long, you can also turn on the so-called " a warning triangle that makes it clear to others to increase caution because you are planning to change direction. Other drivers will have enough time to respond correctly. This inconspicuous device can often protect you from unnecessary collisions or "tugs" with other vehicles.

Use the rearview mirror in the car park

There is nothing unusual to see the people behind the steering wheel, who break out while parking and turn their entire body backwards. Do you do that too? Did you know that this is not the right thing and this habit increases the risk of unwanted collisions or other unfavorable events? Every pupil should learn to use only rear-view mirrors in a driving school, but they are there. And when you learn how to displace the rotating habit, you will see that your parking skills will also accelerate, as you will not waste your precious time by blowing your entire body.

We wish you the comfort behind the wheel, the pleasant parking will be taken care of by the M2 Parking.